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Due to unforseen circumstances I am not taking on new patients for the forseeable future.
However, there are several other local Osteopaths who are excellent and may be able to see you.

What to bring

Please bring your baby’s APGAR scores from page 4 of their red book.
Their filled up changing bag (just in case)
Milk (feeding from the breast or a bottle is a great distraction & comforting)
Muslin cloth (if your baby spits up or vomits during or after feeds)
Favourite comforter or toy(s) for distraction
Their dummy (for comfort & distraction)
Snacks & drink for distraction (for older, weaned babies, toddlers or children)

A relaxed, go with the flow attitude: I expect babies to wriggle & move their heads. They may need a nappy change, milk feed, winding, get tearful around nap time or all of the above. 

This is a new experience for your baby who may need comforting, in whatever way works for you, so if that’s pacing, rocking, feeding them or singing to them that is fine! So please don’t worry that your baby may be crying or fractious initially – these are typical reasons parents bring their babies to me in the first place!

Trust me, I can work effectively around almost anything.

Please do not change how or when you feed your baby to fit around the treatment time.  If the baby is breast feeding, this is an excellent comfort, distraction & aid to my cranial treatment due to the changes in pressure within their mouth & use of their jaw muscles.  I also treat with your child in your arms or on your lap for everyone’s comfort.

So apologies for invading your personal space but I feel this is better than your baby feeling unsettled.

Lastly, please don’t forget your card or cash payment if you haven’t already paid in advance by bank transfer.

Note about Toddlers:
Toddlers do not sit still without significant distraction. They usually remove my hands from their heads. So please plan ahead with lots of snacks & toys & be prepared to fully engage & keep them focussed on you & the fun they are having, rather than the lady in the clinic coat, who they’ve never met putting her hands on their back & head!

Please try to explain to older children before the appointment day where they are going & that a lady will ask permission to put her hands on their head & body – stickers are shamelessly given as bribes for cooperation!

There are plenty of books, games, puzzles & toys for all ages which can be used to distract the young patient & their siblings if they need to attend the appointment too.

Please be aware that all Information and statements made on this site are for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare professional. Tamille Phillips Paediatric & Cranial Osteopath does not recommend parents try to diagnose or treat infant or child conditions without first consulting with their primary care practitioner. Advice, exercises or recommendations are those given to existing patients attending osteopathic appointments with Tamille Phillips Paediatric & Cranial Osteopath, after a thorough case history & physical examination assessment has been carried out. All Nutritional recommendations are natural products that may assist the mind or body in its efforts to rebuild and heal itself. This advice is given to existing patients attending Osteopathic appointments with Tamille Phillips Paediatric & Cranial Osteopath, after a thorough case history & physical examination assessment has been carried out. All products purchased and used without first consulting a primary care practitioner are used solely at the purchaser's risk. As explicit instructions to seek primary medical healthcare advice beforehand has been given.

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