Tamille Phillips, BSc. (Hons), B. Ost

Paediatric Osteopath & Cranial Osteopath for babies in Worcestershire

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Natasha R.

Dear Tamille,
I wanted to take the time to thank you again!! You helped Baby Jasmine and I when we were at an all time low, the endless screaming from wind from poor feeding was so hard!

A friend and colleague recommended you, I checked out your website and will openly admit I thought it was a little hocus pocus and expensive but I was prepared to give anything a go!!

When we first met you, after you so kindly squeezed us in, you were so friendly and knowledgeable. As you went to work I saw my baby girl turn from an angry ball of wind into a relaxed newborn in my arms and I was instantly converted!! It made me think back to all the gorgeous massages and spa treatments I've had in the past how tranquil I feel after, my baby deserved that!!

Over the next four sessions Jasmine relaxed, and she is now like a completely different baby, she breastfeeds a dream, sleeps so much more deeply and the colicky wind is easing!

I will certainly be recommending you! Although it's been lovely meeting you and using your service I hope we won't be seeing you again... Until the next baby?!

Thanks again

Natasha R.

Jodie N.

I took my 5 year old to see Tamille because he was complaining of neck ache when playing on the floor. He also didn't sleep through the night and hadn't since birth.

After the 1st session he slept through the night and has done since and now doesn't experience neck pain. He had 4 sessions in total.

Tamille told me that he had irritation on the Left side of his head near his temple and tension in his neck. He was a forceps delivery and the forceps actually cut and bruised above his left eye and the bottom of his head on the right. (Tamille knew he was a forceps delivery but didn't know (I hadn't said), where they had cut and bruised him. )

Would highly recommend as its changed our lives, happy boy and happy parents!
Thank u

Eliza M.

Tamille did a great job with my little boy from 3 weeks old, with sleep patterns and colic. Highly recommend! Tamille is very calming and friendly!

Andrea and Alex

To Tamille,
Just a thank you for our cranial sessions. Alex is so much more settled and feeds and sleeps without all the painful struggling. In general, he is so much happier and as a result, so is mum!

Thanks again,
Andrea and Alex

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