Tamille Phillips, BSc. (Hons), B. Ost

Cranial Osteopath, Paediatric Osteopath & Nutritional Wellness Practitioner in Worcestershire

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Due to unforseen circumstances I am not taking on new patients for the forseeable future.
However, there are several other local Osteopaths who are excellent and may be able to see you.

5 Star Ratings and Testimonials

Below are some of the wonderful testimonals I have received.
More can be found on both my Facebook and Google pages.

Natasha R.

Dear Tamille,
I wanted to take the time to thank you again!! You helped Baby Jasmine and I when we were at an all time low, the endless screaming from wind from poor feeding was so hard!

A friend and colleague recommended you, I checked out your website and will openly admit I thought it was a little hocus pocus and expensive but I was prepared to give anything a go!!

When we first met you, after you so kindly squeezed us in, you were so friendly and knowledgeable. As you went to work I saw my baby girl turn from an angry ball of wind into a relaxed newborn in my arms and I was instantly converted!! It made me think back to all the gorgeous massages and spa treatments I've had in the past how tranquil I feel after, my baby deserved that!!

Over the next four sessions Jasmine relaxed, and she is now like a completely different baby, she breastfeeds a dream, sleeps so much more deeply and the colicky wind is easing!

I will certainly be recommending you! Although it's been lovely meeting you and using your service I hope we won't be seeing you again... Until the next baby?!

Thanks again

Natasha R.

Jodie N.

I took my 5 year old to see Tamille because he was complaining of neck ache when playing on the floor. He also didn't sleep through the night and hadn't since birth.

After the 1st session he slept through the night and has done since and now doesn't experience neck pain. He had 4 sessions in total.

Tamille told me that he had irritation on the Left side of his head near his temple and tension in his neck. He was a forceps delivery and the forceps actually cut and bruised above his left eye and the bottom of his head on the right. (Tamille knew he was a forceps delivery but didn't know (I hadn't said), where they had cut and bruised him. )

Would highly recommend as its changed our lives, happy boy and happy parents!
Thank u

Jeni P.

We were recommended to book with Tamille and it has been well worth the 1.5hour journey.

My little boy had very limited movement in his neck from a super fast birth, he couldn't look left. After the first treatment (at 5weeks old) he got movement in his neck and for the first time starting looking around.

Tamille said his skull bones were stuck and he was super knotted in his neck and spinal muscles) He got a bit stiff again a few days later so we had a treatment the following week and saw dramatic improvement again.

2 weeks later we had a final treatment which coincided with his first vaccinations (which had made him very VERY distressed for 24hours) and you could see all the tension of the day before melt away.

He now has full movement in his neck and loves looking around at everything and we're really pleased. Thank you so much for your help xXx

Dip H.

Tamille is quite honestly the most intelligent and understanding health professional I have met and worked with. She has a way of explaining and relaying a notion that I haven't seen or experienced anywhere else. She's a great Osteopath but in my opinion she's a fantastic person first and foremost.

My son's, one is autistic with profound speech and language delays and the other is undiagnosed but also has profound speech and language delays have both benefitted from the Cranial Osteopathy. They both are a lot more engaged at school and at home too, the difference is quite remarkable.

I can wholeheartedly recommend that she will be honest and forthright with what she believes to be the best thing.

Myself, I would quite happily have took my boys every week forever as I felt the results were very good but Tamille suggested we wait longer in between sessions to ensure that the therapy had been as effective as she'd wanted, a lot of unscrupulous people would have took advantage, Tamille is quite honestly the best.

Highly recommend, great therapist and the difference she's made is very very telling.

Rebecca S.

I can’t recommend Tamille enough, my newborn Sam has had awful Colic which was so upsetting for him and us and after 4 sessions with Tamille it’s completely disappeared and he’s a happy little chappy 😃

He loved his sessions and was so relaxed throughout, Tamille is so calm and confident, she made us both feel relaxed from the start. I think this should be available on the NHS and all babies should have it - we forget what trauma birth can be for our little ones bodies. It can be used to treat all sorts of issues, I would highly recommend to all new parents......Sam sleeping brilliantly now, i put this down to the treatment

Thank you Tamille xxx

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