Tamille Phillips, BSc. (Hons), B. Ost

Cranial Osteopath, Paediatric Osteopath & Nutritional Wellness Practitioner in Worcestershire

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Due to unforseen circumstances I am not taking on new patients for the forseeable future.
However, there are several other local Osteopaths who are excellent and may be able to see you.

Micronutrients for
ADHD, ASD, Anxiety...

I can assist patients in the use of Hardy Nutritionals Micronutrients.
This can either be in person at my practice or by video call / telephone appointments,
(by prior arrangement).

Please find below links for more information about Micronutrients:

Image of sleeping baby receiving cranial treatment.

Natural Mental Health Website.

Natural Mental Health Website.
The UK's supplier of Hardy Wellness Products

Hardy Nutritional's videos.
Doctors and patients share their experiences using Hardy Nutritionals Daily Essential Nutrients for mood, stress and mental health.
Related tags: ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar, Brain Injury, Education, Energy, General Health, PTSD, Stress, Success Stories.

Newshub: Alternative ADHD Treatment Proves Effective.
Related tags: ADHD, Anxiety, Success Stories, Education, General Health.

Affiliated links for more information and purchase of Hardy Daily Essential Nutrients

DEN Month Supply


The 120 capsule trial size size bottle contains a 10 day supply at the full therapeutic dosage of 12 capsules a day. It is perfect as an introduction to the power of DENs.

Image of den.

Psychiatrist recommends DEN for mental health success story video.
Related tags: ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar, Depression, General Health, Medication Side Effects, Stress, Success Stories.

Micronutrients are changing lives video
From depression to bipolar disorder and anxiety to PTSD, Hardy's Daily Essential Nutrients micronutrients are helping thousands of people worldwide.
According to studies at multiple universities by prestigious researchers, the Daily Essential Nutrients contains every single essential nutrient required for the body and brain to function optimally.
Our customers share their stories in the hopes that others will find the balance they have achieved using Hardy Nutritionals products.

Micronutrients changed my life video
These people and clinicians explain how Hardy's micronutrients truly make a difference when it comes to mood, brain health and overall wellness.

Image of sleeping baby receiving cranial treatment.

How to swallow pills video
(Tip: DEN is available in powder form too)

Latest published research on Daily Essential Nutrients
Dallin Hardy, a member of the Hardy Nutritionals science team, shares the latest published research on Daily Essential Nutrients, a powerful supplement proven to help improve attention, focus and mood. He discusses two independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on Daily Essential Nutrients.
Also read the studies at Hardy's Website

Frequently Asked Questions about Hardy Nutritional products.

Got questions?
Hardy's live instant online chat, email message form or free call back available.

Natural Mental Health Website
UK Supplier of Hardy Nutritionals Wellness Products (Inc. Daily Essential Nutrients Micronutrient Therapy).

Find me in the UK on the following practitioner locators,
Natural Mental Health Website.
Hardys Nutritionals Website.

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