Tamille Phillips, BSc. (Hons), B. Ost

Cranial Osteopath, Paediatric Osteopath & Nutritional Wellness Practitioner in Worcestershire

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Due to unforseen circumstances I am not taking on new patients for the forseeable future.
However, there are several other local Osteopaths who are excellent and may be able to see you.

Image of sleeping baby receiving cranial treatment.
Image of sleeping baby receiving cranial treatment.
Image of sleeping baby receiving cranial treatment.
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What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle, safe and effective form of Osteopathic treatment involving light finger pressures to the head, pelvis & body.

What is Paediatric Osteopathy?

Paediatric Osteopathy uses the holistic, healing principles of Osteopathy applied using extremely gentle muscle massage & joint movements delicate enough to be suitable for even new-born babies.

Nutritional Wellness Practitioner:

Helping your brain and whole body function better, by addressing gut health issues and nutritional deficits.

Learn what Hardy Nutritionals Products can do for: Aggression, Anxiety, Energy, Focus, Mood, Racing Thoughts, Sleep & Stress.

Image of sleeping baby receiving cranial treatment.

How does Osteopathy help ?

Using a combination of Paediatric Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy my treatments aim to reduce muscular tension, improve tissue flexibility & restore a healthy range of joint movement from head to toe. Cranial Osteopathic treatment relaxes your baby.

Typical Presenting Symptoms:

  • (Babies under 1 year )**:
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Unsettled / Crying
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Sleep problems
  • Head shape / Neck Restriction
  • Recurrent Infections
  • Clinical Audit data 2018

Why choose me?

Because you are looking for a cranial osteopath that is recommended.
A cranial osteopath that has the knowledge, specialist training, skills and experience to treat your baby expertly, effectively & gently.  
You want a cranial osteopath you can trust.
A cranial osteopath you know is safe, so you will feel confident in the knowledge that your baby will be safe in their hands.
You want a cranial osteopath that loves children, genuinely cares & can empathise with what you’ve been through. 
Because I am also a parent that has lived through what you are going through right now & knows how stressful it can be. 
A cranial osteopath that will take the time to listen to how you & your family are feeling right now.
A cranial osteopath who wants to help your baby feel relaxed.

I am Recommended:

Most parents bring their babies to me because of personal recommendations from other happy parents.

But, I also get recommended by:
Health visitors
Tongue tie practitioners
Lactation consultants
Recommendations through social media e.g. Worcestershire Mums Network Facebook group.

I have specialist training, expert knowledge & over a decade of experience:

I have been a qualified Cranial Osteopath since 2005. I hold Postgraduate Paediatric qualifications and have been specialising in treating babies and children for over a decade.

As one of my patient’s parents once told me "it was the best money I ever spent"!

Please see About Me to find out more, read the Testimonials page or visit my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TamilleCranial to see how other parents feel about my cranial osteopathic treatment.

My Credentials - your safety

All Osteopaths must register with the Osteopathic Professions’ Regulating & Governing body: the GOsC.  Only fully trained, police vetted & insured Osteopaths are allowed to register & treat patients.
I am GDPR Compliant.

Please be aware that all Information and statements made on this site are for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare professional. Tamille Phillips Paediatric & Cranial Osteopath does not recommend parents try to diagnose or treat infant or child conditions without first consulting with their primary care practitioner. Advice, exercises or recommendations are those given to existing patients attending osteopathic appointments with Tamille Phillips Paediatric & Cranial Osteopath, after a thorough case history & physical examination assessment has been carried out. All Nutritional recommendations are natural products that may assist the mind or body in its efforts to rebuild and heal itself. This advice is given to existing patients attending Osteopathic appointments with Tamille Phillips Paediatric & Cranial Osteopath, after a thorough case history & physical examination assessment has been carried out. All products purchased and used without first consulting a primary care practitioner are used solely at the purchaser's risk. As explicit instructions to seek primary medical healthcare advice beforehand has been given.

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